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Who we are

We are a smart digital production agency. We help brands to become successful in digital advertising through personalized experiences. Doing so we can develop interexchangeable, dynamic and omnichannel campaigns that will boost brand performance and sales.

Our vision

Seamlessly merge computer generation with the real world.

Our ambition

Do everything possible to expand human potential. We do that by creating groundbreaking advertising innovations, by making our products more interchangeable, by building a safe space to unlock the technologist in all of us, and by making a positive impact in communities.

Our belief

Bring inspiration to every marketer in the world to unlock the creative technologist in all of us. We do that by bring the strategy to the power and people, sizing up each other, dear to be vulnerable and always be open to learn.

What’s in a name?

We’re often asked, “How do you pronounce your company’s name, and what does it mean anyway?” Well… it’s pronounced as d–is–x–t, and it’s actually an equation, namely distance (d) = speed (x) multiplied by time (t).

Deadlines can be mercilessly tight in any campaign. But merely rushing to meet them isn’t the answer. Our team is all about agility and an absolute insistence on quality—about zero tolerance for the mediocre. And that’s one way we can make campaigns burst into bloom in no time at all.
Our people

We regard our people to be our most valuable assets. That’s why we put them in the front of our operation. Everyone is bringing their own passion so everyone’s input counts.

Want to join the team? Sparkling minds wanted. Apply now!
Lazar Stojkovic

Banner Developer 2D Animator

Laszlo Tandi

Lead Creative Developer

Arthur Beens

Managing Director 360 baseline

Charles Van Winsen

CEO and founder

Igor Neuhold

Full Stack Developer

Piotr Ostiak

Head Of Technology

Yurii Stoian

Design Development

Mitch Steenis

Motion Designer

Damiel Tallane

COO and founder

Irene Linders

Client Project Manager

Remco Frank

Head of Brand

Jeanette Eder

Operations director

Dennis Wolzak

Senior Motion Designer

Gerwin Janssen

Head of business USA

Jason Brard

Project manager

Chiel te Bokkel

Product owner DCO

Jouk Fris

Senior Motion Graphics Designer

Denise Eegerdingk

Creative Director

Sander van Meurs

Chief Growth Officer

Lizzy Martens

Graphic Designer

Rik Beens

Digital Video Specialist

Marco Bar

Solution Architect

Laszlo Sike

Creative Developer

Rogier de Leeuw

Motion Graphic Designer & 3D animator

Dylan Tallane

Campaign Strategist

Tristan Wikkerink

Art Director

Tatiana Taribuka

Finance Director

Sem Verhoeven



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