A personalised ad for every zip–code

Shipt, the groceries delivery brand part of the Target group, has a personalised delivery service designed to address to each zip-code specifics. Today, the brand made its debut in the USA with a personalised advertising for every registered client in the country.


Shipt Grocery delivery


Dynamic re-targeting


42.000 bespoke ads



For anyone, anywhere

An algorithm extracted data connecting this with real people throughout the Nation. Through modular art direction and technology, the brand was able to generate more than 40.000 individual and unique creations involving specifics of a person like being a pet owner or in need of personal shopping.

So, we came up with a solution

The campaign arrives through HugeInc. and was thought out and created by disxt. Together we build the algorithm that populated each asset with advice for how a Shipt service could help address the needs of each specific individual.