A new omni-channel creative production engine

Allianz Direct, the DTC arm of the global insurance giant Allianz, wanted to launch a new omni-channel digital campaign for their car insurance. The campaign was to run in display, social as well as on YouTube across numerous countries and had a number of different target audiences.


Allianz Direct






December 19, 2019

Test, compare and learn

Knowing that each target audience was likely to react differently to different creative executions in different market, Allianz wanted to test numerous creative concepts and versions fast and cost effectively and wanted to ensure creative control across markets in terms of what was being tested. Each market was encouraged to leverage all creative assets available to test and learn and determine to optimal creative execution for each of the target audiences

So, we came up with a solution

Disxt Employed their new, proprietary omni-channel creative production engine to develop all the campaign executions in a scalable, faster way and with more creative impact. The new engine empowered high-end, bespoke animations in a smarter way, whilst being cost effective. Through the use of a central creative asset library, campaign executions could be easily edited at detailed level across platforms and tested among the varioustarget audiences for engagement along relevant metrics. It delivered infinitecreative possibilities made smart and simple while retaining central creative control. Endless possibilities were managed end-to-end, from concept to design, to smart digital production, seamlessly produced across all platforms.