Pathé cinemas​

Order your theatre seats through interactive video advertising

Pathé cinemas

Order your theatre seats through interactive video advertising


Pathé cinemas

The viewer is always in charge

For Pathé cinemas we created the easiest, most reliable and effective way to publish, manage, distribute and analyze their theatre program. This professional solution offers the possibility to publish movie trailers via multiple channels to all target groups on many devices.

The platform is equipped with an interactive module where videos can be provided with interactive elements such as movie trailer preview, seat picker and online reservation. In this interactive advertising format, the viewer can click in your video so that he can decide for himself what he will see. The video is very dynamic and offers the desired information tailored to each viewer it suits their very needs.

Premium  content, easily managed


Pathé is the number 1 cinema enterprise in Europe. They present a range of over 100 movie theatres with more than 1000 movie screens. The theatres can now enrich their offer with various information throughout their marketing efforts.

With the video platform Pathé is able to easily manage their video footage from a user-friendly dashboard. Apart from publishing videos, this platform also offers the possibility to archive original video files. Video producers can even deliver files directly into the platform. The system processes them directly, in a reliable manner. This way, all the videos are stored properly and safely! Now and in the future, online and offline.

A content approach with differentiation by perspective

With at least 1000 movie screens and over 100 movies per week, Pathé cinemas has enough content. In order to be able to do something with this in the field of personalization and to add structure, we have created a content perspective. 


The collection forms the basis of the perspective and is always available. This content layer contains the technical description of works: from the title of the movie, detailed information, specifics and additional images.


On top of the base is a layer of context. This layer provides the framework and thus the narrative on the basis of which movies are viewed and understood. For example, if the collection focuses on the category ‘Action’, the context could be “Action heroes”. So there is a differentiation here.


Finally, the actual deepening takes place at the top of the perspective. This offers space to view and understand stories, and therefore movies, from different angles. Here, for example, by means of a video and audio fragment — the sneak preview may differ for segmented audiences.

In this way, Pathé can play with the amount of content offered, whereby this always makes use of the collection and provides context and differentiation through perspective.

Paid and owned media merge seamlessly

When someone sees the Pathé advertisement and then follows the route towards ordering seats in a theatre nearby, it is important that the experience flows smoothly from external to internal platforms. That is why the ads and the ordering module on Pathé’s own website have a lot of visual overlap and can be controlled via the same interface. For example, the touch and feel of the display forms a point of recognition for the visitor in all areas.

Conversely, the experience of being almost virtually present in the Pathé environment has also been included in the design of the platforms. This is reflected, for example, in how the content is displayed, where there is room for exploration via intuitive scrolling and clicking. The content is integrated in the execution from left to right, just like picks in familiar subscription streaming services. By clicking on a certain piece of content, the viewer is given the space to literally and figuratively dive into the depths through scroll and click Small details like this make a big difference.