Dynamic distribution for a global  retailer chain

Early 2019, HEMA introduced a new beauty label “B.A.E.”: Before Anything Else. It has a wide assortment of innovative products, for every moment of the day. B.A.E. is affordable, on-trend and 100% vegan. Its message is: no matter who you are, what you do, with B.A.E., you’re always the best you can be.  d.is.xt Was engaged to create a full digital awareness and retargeting campaign for the launch, creating unique communication for the various target audiences.




Driving Awareness


41.7% video ad recall


73.7% on mobile

Dynamic messaging

In the various phases of the campaign, we have focused on targeting different target audiences with different messaging. By setting up the video ads dynamically, we were able to easily exchange the messages throughout the different campaign phases. This resulted in numerous videos with differentiated messaging, all uniquely targeted to the relevant target audience. Naturally, the messaging is based on the various USP’s of the product as well as the brand, such as “On-the-Go”, “On-Trend”, “100% Vegan” and “Dermatologically Tested”.


So, we came up with a solution

Every platform also had a number of dynamic retargeting ads which showcased a great number of products from the collection to broaden the appeal.

Omni-channel SwipeCubes were also leveraged using geo-targeting to drive consumers to the nearest store. The SwipeCubes rotate quickly to strengthen the fashion feeling.

Similarly, there were carousels and ads on Facebook and Instagram to highlight the new collection and products.