change communication to a more inclusive image


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December 19, 2019

HEMA is now truly for everyone

HEMA loves everyone. An important part of that is being allowed to be who you are, with the freedom to express yourself however you want. HEMA believes this deserves attention. That is why, at the start of Pride Week, HEMA will permanently change the store communication in the beauty department to a more inclusive image, which shows our diverse society as well as possible.
In this way, HEMA wants to create a safe environment where customers can ask questions, find out and discover, so that they can also show themselves outside the stores in all their colors.


HEMA wants to be there for everyone and create a place where everyone feels welcome and addressed. Society is diverse, so the people that HEMA shows are just as good. One product category where an important step can still be taken in that respect is beauty. A step towards a more inclusive, realistic and recognizable image. That is why HEMA is adjusting store communication, especially in the beauty department. Dutch model Loiza Lamers will give the starting signal online. She is actively involved in the campaign and will be featured prominently online.

Pride as kick-off

Pride is an important starting moment for HEMA. Pride embraces the same message; that you can be who you are. Of course, that message applies all year round. That is why HEMA is permanently adjusting the beauty communication in its stores.

Diversity and exclusivity

In the past year, HEMA established the Gay Pride, a sounding board for diversity and inclusivity. The Gay Pride was created to develop, bundle and share expertise with colleagues and external parties. The COC, an interest organization that promotes the interests of the LGBTQI+ community, has an important consultative function in this regard. HEMA annually supports the GSAs (Gender & Sexuality Alliance) of the COC with its Pride campaigns.