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Allianz Direct


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With the request of building brand performance for a global brand, the biggest challenge is to ensure that the essence of the brand doesn’t get lost in translation, while still maintaining autonomy and flexibility. Therefore we created a very clear global brand strategy that is executed at a local level.


We were told to start with building brand awareness around the Allianz Direct brand, now that the online insurance company has adopted the name of the parent company. The addition of “Direct” makes it clear that can take out insurance online in a fast, accessible and personal way.


The purpose of this re-branding is to create an innovative experience, in which every interaction seamlessly matches the insurance needs and life stage of the (potential) customer. An ambition that demands the continuous renewal and optimization of the brand.

So, we came up with a solution

Allianz Direct was looking for a digital partner who could help with this ambition. They found this in Disxt. We collaborated to create a concept and design that appeals to every specific audience type, no matter what they are looking for and where they are from. In an agile international team – consisting of Allianz Direct and Disxt professionals – the new brand execution was developed, provided with content and optimized to deliver the best customer journey.